Sunday, March 04, 2012

My Review on Lori Pescatore's "Human Blend"

I've been wanting to post this so here it is!

The story Lori writes about is very unique, but it still speaks to the audience! She created a world of unknown and revealed the identity very tactfully! The characters in her story have unique talents. Some that aren't fully understood by even the beholder herself until she comes across a lost clan.
Throughout her struggles, she becomes a new person; she meets helpful people; makes friends; and falls in love. Then at a blink of an eye everything is different. Lives are at stake. Confusion and fear lead her to do things she never thought she could be strong enough to accomplish!
Although, we aren't paranormal beings that have struggles these characters go through, we still have struggles. Lori's audience can relate because her wording is right. She makes us feel the way the character feels. We can see through the character's eyes! We are able to think like the person she is making up as she goes!
I hope Lori Pescatore keeps the aspiration to continue this trilogy, because I know many people, including myself, that are anxious for the next book! :)